Growth X Inc.

The company develops an online learning service “Co-Learning”
that supports companies to train and improve digital marketing
skills of their employees.
Our learning curriculum that was made based on the know-how of
our parent company, Thinqlo Group(*) who led many famous
companies to improve their business performance ,
and all necessary things to train their employees, such as a
system for visualizing the level of understanding and customer
success workshops, are included in the services.
We also have a track record of using the services to improve the
basic skills of young employees and train fresh graduates. We
offer the service from JPY 100,000 per month.

(*)Thinqlo Group:
Thinqlo Group was established by Toshiyasu Nishii, he also serves
as the CMT of Oisix ra daichi Inc.
Thinqlo has been providing consulting services and project-based
execution support in the area of digital marketing to business
owners or directors.